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Code Review Page
We can bring someone else’s Stock Plan to pass local Building Code.

Have you purchased a set of Stock plans from a plan broker and now realize these plans do not meet your local Building Code? All Stock plans are designed to meet the current IRC (International Residential Code) and they will also meet the local building code in the state where the original designer resides.

For example, Lets say you purchased a plan from a designer from the state of Texas. In order for their set of stock plans to meet local building code for NY, NJ, CT, VA, OH, PA or any other state which accepts the CPBD stamp, minimally we will have to adjust the size and depth of the footings, increase the insulation values and re-size some of the structural beams. Generally, we add an 8 ½” x 11” set of notes to the stock plans stating which items need to be adjusted to meet the local code. We know most of the large stock plan designers and have brought their plans up to our local code on many occasions. We work on a flat fee pricing for this service.

For Code Review work can work from a “paper set” of plans and a reproducible master, PDF file or CAD File is not required because we are not changing the drawings – just adding a note sheet. Please email or call (845-614-7149) for your quote today.